Inspections & Service

Inspections & Service

Hytek A/S specializes in marine cranes and offshore cranes. We provide a wide range of standard applications but we also customize cranes in accordance with specific customer requirements.

Our competencies within marine cranes and lifting gear include:

  1. Development and production of customized solutions
  2. One and five year inspections
  3. Installation and initial certifications
  4. Repair work of cranes and winches
  5. Tests e.g. load testing
  6. Service and maintenance
  7. Authorized CRALOG Service provider
  8. Authorized TOIMIL crane distributer in Scandinavia
  9. Authorized MELCAL Offshore & Marine crane service Supplier

Hytek A/S is recognized by flag states as a Competent Authority. We are capable of inspecting all types of marine cranes, lifeboats, davits and release gear from any manufacturer, on any kind of vessel and for any flag state.

Our expertise within marine cranes and lifting gear is at your disposal anywhere in the world onboard vessels in port or at shipyards. By means of our service partners

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